5 years before iPhone and Android – MSX

In 2003, Peter started Mobile Subscriber Experiences (MSX) Inc to create the next generation user interfaces for Feature Phones.
This was 5 years before the smartphone revolution (iPhone & Android), when flip phones were the popular form factor, based on proprietary real-time operating systems (RTOS) using entry-level ARM-7 processors. However the industry wanted to provide consumers flexible user experiences with the ability to download custom services using designer tools. Hence creating the MSX Platform.

Initially MSX created complete custom phone designs, like an MVNO phone for Motorola and a prototype phone for Portalplayer. At the time, Portalplayer was the main chipset vendor for Apple.

As the phone hardware evolved, MSX focussed on the software platform which enabled OEMs & Operators to quickly change user experience over the air (OTA). MSX provided next generation experiences for Verizon, Sprint and at&t.

Here are some examples of user experiences that were created using the MSX Platform: xPhone Prototype and Gaxoo feature phone MVNO

MSX was acquired by Cellmania in 2008, which was acquired a year later by RIM Blackberry