Start Up Successes

PB Strategy has worked with a variety of companies which have had successful outcomes, like being acquired, strategic deals or investment:

International Acquisitions

Smaato    German ad:tech company, HQ in San Francisco. Sold to Spearhead in China in 2016
GM Americas. Built region to >50% revenue. Started RTB business

Amobee   Israelian ad:tech company, HQ in Silicon Valley. Sold to Singtel in Singapore in 2012
Interim Head of Products to shape product strategy, pre-acquisition

DIP         UK mobile technology company. Sold to Phoenix Technologies (PTEC) in San Jose.
Founder & Board Member.  Pre-acquisition – started & ran PTEC joint venture business.

Interim Roles & Strategic/Corporate Development

LivingMatrix      Functional Medicine data platform. Interim COO, Strategic Product, Corporate Partnering
Business Plan obtained significant 7 figure angel investment.  Strategic License Deal and Series A from Chinese Corporate – over $4M

Axwave          Mobile ACR & Panel technology.  Interim COO, Strategic Deals & Investment
Identified and helped close initial two multi-million $ deals.  Facilitated first equity investment

Cellmania     Bought MSX and then acquired by Blackberry
Interim Strategic Business Development identified and made introductions to acquisition candidates.

Insignia Solutions    Sold Java business to Esmertec which funded new product line. Whole business acquired by Smith Micro

US/Silicon Valley Market Entry for International Startups

USMAC        Mentoring and Advisory roles for Indian Medical Device, Japanese Automobile Tech, Irish AI Targetting Tech, Polish Event Technology.

Innaworks  New Zealand based cross platform development company.
Introduced, closed and implemented deals with Qualcomm & Adobe

Dial2Do       Irish voice recognition technology company
Intro and negotiated deals with Jawbone & Plantronics

Other           Fingerprint, Mpowerplayer/AppTap, Searchman

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